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Since completing a B.A. in Communication Studies, and Civic Leadership at Portland State University, I have explored the many facets of this field. Upon graduation, I served as Campaign Field Manager for a political campaign in a fast-paced, cut-throat 2018 election in Washington County, Oregon. I have since returned to my roots in the non-profit sector, where I currently serve as the Communications Coordinator for an equity-building education foundation in the North Clackamas School District.


My path today has deep roots in my Metro Detroit upbringing, where at age 12, I became empowered in my ability to be an agent of change. Influenced by the use of story-telling and persuasion I became swept-up in a Humanitarian non-profit which used these tools to appeal almost exclusively to youth. Later, this organization would become the first of it's kind to produce a viral video. This experience sparked my fascination with the design and execution of strong, emotionally appealing, persuasive, campaigns, and their power to build community and affect change.



“We cannot serve at a distance. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected, that which we are willing to touch”

-(Remen, 1999).


Tool Kit

This wheel represents the assets I believe make up my tool kit as a professional, leader and community member.



Made to Stick

Chip Heath & Dan Heath

A brilliant book about how and why some ideas "stick" in our minds, and get passed along and retold, and other equally as brilliant concepts never catch on. This book taps into the power of story in order to present a formula to creating messages that are easily understood, powerful, emotionally appealing, spreadable and that won't soon be forgotten. This book took me to the intersection of communication studies and civic engagement, making me excited to craft these PR style "sticky" messages for the use of promoting social issues

A First Look at Communication Theory

Em Griffen, Andrew Ledbetter, Glenn Sparks

Don't laugh at me... But this old college textbook is still my Holy Bible. Someone currently has it listed for sale on Amazon for $2,208.78 (seriously) can I blame them? Does it get any better than Charles Berger's Uncertainty Reduction Theory, the Social Judgement Theory of Muzafer Sherif, or Leon Festinger's theory of Cognitive Dissonance? Perhaps I'm just a nerd at heart, but I think these core theories of communication should be at the forefront of all professional's minds during the construction of every campaign, and the typing of every tweet. Although I am years out of University this textbook still resides lovingly on my desk.

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When People Care Enough to Act

Mike Green

Some of the most impactful principles of community organizing I’ve ever encountered have come from the book ‘ABCD in Action- When People Care Enough to Act. The concept of asset mapping in favor of needs mapping has completely changed my view of service and how to create change within a community. Motivating oneself and others to turn their care into action is very important and not an easy feat. Community leaders have a responsibility to help facilitate self-discovery discussion with others in order to inspire ownership of the roles we can all play in creating change. It is within human nature to prescribe solutions to problems, but if we desire to live in a more civically engaged society, we as leaders cannot tell others what to do or how to do it. We can only help to facilitate the uncovering of assets and solutions that were hiding in plain site the whole time.

Creative Mornings

Breakfast Lecture Series for the Creative Community

This lecture series was recommended to me recently by some wonderfully successful young communication professionals in Portland. I have only recently joined this group but I have quickly fallen in love with these compelling monthly gatherings. A warm and nurturing community, I would recommend to any young creative in the Portland metro area who wants to continue to grow and thrive.


Carina Mears Connery

Portland, OR​

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