My Journey with 'Invisible children'

The role the 'Invisible Children' organization played in my development as a young leader and the ingenious integration of story, service, and communication strategy that inspired my academic pursuits and 

Early Influence
  • My first experiences with Invisible Children came at the age of 12.

  •  Leadership oriented programs established by the organization empowered me at a young age to feel like I could be a part of making an impact on social issues.

  • At the age of 14 I was inspired to spearhead the organization of a fundraiser at my high school, for Invisible Children 'schools for school' program.

Other Members of the CMU Invisible Children Club and me at Michigan's State Capitol building Lobbying for the 'Reward for Justice' bill.

Central Michigan University Chapter of Invisible Children

  • My first ever lobbying experience at the Capitol building in Lansing, MI at age of 18.

  • For two years I served as a member of the Central Michigan University official 'Invisible children' club where we hosted screenings of the documentary, organized fundraisers, and collaborated with other social justice and human rights organizations on Campus.

Members of the CMU Invisible Children Club in Washington DC

Move D.C.

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A screenshot from our march on Washington from the viral video, 'What Happened to KONY 2012'

'What Happened To KONY 2012' Video

Fourth Estate Leadership Conference, 2013

In 2013 I applied for and was accepted to Invisible Children's Fourth Estate Leadership Conference at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. 

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Invisible Children's Accomplishments, and the Organization Today.

After the viral video 'Kony 2012' the organization faced intense criticism, some important and deserved, while some was unfounded and detrimental. Perhaps the biggest criticism the organization faced was regarding their financials, with only 1/3 of funds going to actual on-the-ground programs. And a whoping1/3 funding the creation of advocacy promoting documentaries, and another 1/3 programs within the United States for youth engagement. Today, Invisible Children no longer creates documentaries and operates solely from its headquarters in Uganda, Africa continuing to fund the programs it was able to establish during the organization's more active years. Today the organization no longer focuses solely on LRA affected areas, and has expanded its mission to "supporting and expanding nimble, community-based solutions that are making children and families safer from violence in some of our world’s most remote and isolated regions. These programs help protect communities from violent attacks by armed groups, recover from conflict, trauma, and exploitation, and build a thriving future that breaks cycles of violence" (, '5 years after Kony2012 II How Have Things Changed').

Video about Invisible Children's 'Early Warning Radio Network' Program

An Everlasting Impact


  • Reward for Justice


  • Early Warning Radio Network

  • Schools for Schools

  • Scholarship Program

  • 7,000 Defection flyer air-dropped into the Bush

  • Construction of two rehabilitation centers serving mental health treatment for defected child soldiers

  • LRA Early Detection Network

Invisible Children, Who We Are
'Kony 2012'  The Viral Video